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Lieutenant Russell Maitland

Name Russell Maitland

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Russell has what some may call gentle features which give an initial impression of him being a quiet and unimposing individual. He has slightly red cheeks and is well known for getting burn't when exposed to the sun owing to his fair complexion.


Spouse Rose Maitland
Father John Maitland, 36th Earl of Lauderdale
Mother Sarah Maitland - Deceased
Sister(s) Catherine Maitland
Elizabeth Maitland

Personality & Traits

General Overview Russell from an early age has been brought up knowing that he is the heir to the Earldom of Lauderdale and this has had a profound impact on his deportment. Although he is known to socialise with his peers he is conscious of how his actions can damage the Earldom and therefore comes across as rather reserved, and has been described as ‘stiff’.

Russell is proud of his heritage and often wears a Maitland Tartan kilt with his Dress uniform in lieu of trousers.
Hobbies & Interests Russell is a passionate Musician who plays both the Trumpet and Flute. He has recently started learning to play the bag pipes although he will freely admit that he isn’t particularly good. Russell rarely plays any of his instruments in front of anyone outside of his immediate family.

Personal History Russell was born in his family’s ancestral home in Lauderdale in Scotland. The Maitland family had lead their clan for centuries before Russell’s birth and since the birth of the Federation had seen it as their civic duty to take Political Office to guide the Federation with only a small number of the family ever serving with Starfleet.

Raised as the heir to the Earldom there was an expectation that Russell would follow in his ancestors footsteps into public office. Russell on the other hand had other plans and saw Starfleet as his means of serving the Federation, this caused a fracture in his and his fathers relationship and at the age of 18 Russell joined Starfleet Academy.

Studying at the academy for four years Russell graduated with a BSc (Hons) Aeronautical Transport and Pilot Training, gaining his pilots license. Although he and his father were not on talking terms his father tried to use his influence to have Russell appointed to his friend Admiral Thompson’s staff, Russell declined the offer and instead was assigned to the USS Dragoon as a Flight Control Officer.

Russell spent three years aboard the Dragoon in which they spent their entire time on anti piracy patrols. During his tour aboard the Dragoon Russell enrolled on a distance learning BSc (Hons) in Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice with Starfleet Academy in order to diversify his skill set.

With the Dragoon going in for a refit Russell was reappointed to the Cheyenne class USS Iroquois as her Chief Flight Control Officer and received a promotion to Lieutenant JG. Russell and his fathers relationship further deteriorated when he found out that his father had been behind his promotion to the Iroquois.

Russell graduated remotely from his Academy distancing learning course in BSc (Hons) in Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice and started to support the Security Chief in his spare time to gain some hands on experience.

Russell was Later mentioned in dispatches for distinguishing himself on an away mission in which the Second Officer who was leading the mission was killed. *Records redacted*. As a result of his actions Russell was promoted to Lieutenant, was moved into the Chief Security and Tactical Officer role and given the additional responsibility of Second Officer aboard the Iroquois.

Whilst on leave Russell met Rose who he would later marry. Their budding relationship had a bumpy start, with Rose serving as a attaché with the Federation Diplomatic Service and Russell about the Iroquois it was difficult for them to get any time together. This changed when they both requested re-assignment and were both posted Andor. Russell joined the USS Predator a Defiant class escort assigned to Starbase 7 which sat above Andor as her new Executive Officer and Chief Security & Tactical Officer.

Russell’s time aboard the Predator was relatively uneventful, they spent the majority of their time on patrol and assisting the customs services. In 2398 Russell received word that his mother was ill and with Rose returned to Lauderdale.

Whilst home Russell’s mother passed away, he final wish had been for Russell and his father to make peace and they did for her. Taking a years leave from Starfleet Russell eventually married Rose in the family home.

With his year leave up Russell was again assigned to a new ship, this time the USS Repulse an aging Excelsior class ship on her final voyage as the Executive Officer and Chief Security & Tactical Officer.
Service Record 2387-2391: Starfleet Academy
2391: Graduated Starfleet Academy with BSC (Hons) in Aeronautical Transport and Pilot Training
2391: Promoted to Ensign
2391-2394: USS Dragoon - Flight Control Officer
2393-2395: Starfleet Academy - Distance Learning (BSc (Hons) in Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice)
2394: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2394-2395: USS Iroquois - Chief Flight Control Officer
2395: Graduated Starfleet Academy with BSc (Hons) in Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice
2395: Mentioned in Dispatches
2395: Promoted to Lieutenant
2395-2397: USS Iroquois - Second Officer/ Chief Security & Tactical Officer
2397-2398: USS Predator - Executive Officer/ Chief Security & Tactical Officer
2398-2399: Earth - Leave
2399: USS Repulse - Executive Officer/ Chief Security & Tactical Officer