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USS Repulse

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Break Time

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2020 @ 6:04am by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

On break from her communications duties, Jiri decided to wander around the ship. She had her PADD with her, just in case she got lost. She smiled at everyone she passed, but got very few responses in kind. She knew being the first Child of Tama in a Starfleet uniform came with such responses. The first Klingon had to overcome many obstacles. She often thought of Worf when she was feeling unwanted. With no real success in speaking to anyone, she retired to her quarters.

She had to contact Dathon. He hadn't heard from her in 10 years. He must have thought her dead. Did Starfleet contact her parents? She hoped not. She sat down at her computer to write the letter. Her hands hovered over the keyboard for a long time without touching it. She was conflicted. If they didn't know she was alive, she wouldn't have to go back there every year and pretend to want children. Was that fair to her family, her husband, her friends? No, it wasn't. Would she be happier staying 'dead'? Probably. Would they ever allow another Tamarian to join Starfleet? Definitely not.

She got up and went to the replicator. She programmed in some Tamarian recipes for food and drink. Once again, she ate alone. She decided to let the letter go until later. What was a few more days in addition to ten years? She laid down and slept.


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