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USS Repulse

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A Tour Of The Ship

Posted on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 4:50pm by Ensign Caroline Metrios

After her meeting with Commander Gar'rath, Carrie decided to take a tour of the ship. 'No sense in getting lost,' she thought to herself. First stop was the Bridge, which had been reconfigured from the older Excelsior-class design. 'Wonder why they redid the Bridge and didn't bother to upgrade her space frame…,' she thought. 'Might be something to ask Commander Gar'rath about. Of course, with this being one of the original set of Excelsior-class ships, Starfleet Command may have thought that it wasn't worth the time to upgrade her frame. Of course, they're still building Excelsior-class ships, so the Repulse may not necessarily be scrapped due to her age. I mean, these things run freaking forever and they're essentially the backbone of Starfleet.'

Next, she made her way down to Sickbay, where she'd call home for the duration of her tour aboard the Repulse. 'Standard sickbay, not much has changed around here for the last 40 years,' Carrie thought. 'At least they don't use medical animals anymore.' She then stepped into her office, which had been redesigned to her specifications. 'Nice work they do here,' she thought, pausing to take a look at her bonsai tree that had been placed on her desk. “Are they caring for you well, Sakamoto?” she asked the plant. She picked up the spray bottle and gave the tree a couple of mists before exiting the office and going back into the corridor.

Next, she went down to the Replimat on Deck 10. Quiet this time of day, she found her way to a replicator. “Green tea. Hot,” she said, and picked up the cup when it had materialized. She took it back to her office and settled down, waiting for her very first patient to come through the door, hoping she had what it took to help anyone and everyone who needed her services.


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