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Centennial Day

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2020 @ 10:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Gar'rath & Senior Chief Petty Officer Tila & Lieutenant Russell Maitland & Lieutenant JG Grav Solv & Ensign Vaela & Ensign Jonathon Rey & Ensign Caroline Metrios & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Location: The Yard Arm, Deck 10
Timeline: MD 30 - 1500 hrs

[The Yard Arm, Deck 10]
[MD 30 - 1500 hrs.]

Lieutenant Commander Gar'rath stood in the center of the Yard Arm lounge, the usual arrangement of tables having been moved around to open up the sunken area of the floor plan. In their place were large, long tables containing a vast variety of food and drink from across the myriad worlds represented by the Repulse crew. Sitting at the 'head' of the table was a massive cake constructed to look like a sidelong view of the ship itself, with a plaque denoting the ship's Centennial anniversary of being active in Starfleet.

"Today is a historic day for this vessel. In fact, very few ships have survived to see this day. Even the flagship of the Federation has never seen a centennial aboard the same ship, even if her name has carried on for far longer," the Gorn's booming voice echoed through the lounge, reaching even those members of the crew that had taken up positions along the Crow's Nest balcony.

Gar'rath paused to sweep his gaze across the room before him before continuing, "This vessel has been home to thousands of men and women since she first set out from the dry dock where her keel was laid. This crew has been given the awesome responsibility of carrying the torch that has been passed down by those countless thousands for a full hundred years. This path we walk now is one that many great men and women in Starfleet history have already undertaken. For some, this vessel was their last home... for others, it was the first of many, and I have no doubt that this ship holds a special place in the hearts of all who came before us."

The Commander turned around to grab a large pitcher, though it looked somewhat small in his hands and raised it up in toast, "To one hundred years of service! May this final voyage in the Delta Quadrant be the finest years she has yet to see!"

Vaela had been bored. extremely bored. She thought flying a starship would be a lot of fun. It was a little fun when they went through the wormhole, not knowing exactly what was on the other side, but after that it was mostly drudgery. Maintaining course day and night. There wasn't the excitement she had expected, but then at the academy, the simulations had focused more on the unexpected, nothing had trained her for the boringness of day in, day out mundane life. This must be what the mundane adult life she had been warned about, but enough of that. Finally they had a reason to celebrate, to party. Vaela lived for the party. She jumped to her feet and raised her glass, "To the Repulse!!!"

Jiri sat in the back corner drinking a Tamarin Frost. She had a plate with chadre'kab on it and a bowl of Talaxian spice stew. Children of Tama really didn't have their own recipes available in the replicator. Since she was the only one in Starfleet, she had never bothered to ask for any. She enjoyed tasting the foods of other cultures, though, and had come to liking quite a lot of them. She eyed the cake, wondering who would be the first to destroy such a beautiful sight.

"The Repulse!" Grav called out in response to the toast then drained his mug of half the green liquid within it. The Tellarite officer made his way down the length of the table choosing and assortment of fruits and vegetables until he reached a platter with small animal on it that had been roasted hole.

"Now this is more like it." Grav said cutting off a large chunk of meat. "Roasted canine. Nice to see a true delicacy in all this food." With his selection complete the engineer moved away from the table to find a place to sit.

"Here here!" Rey bellowed out, raising his glass full of an Earth delicacy called "Pepsi." A little sloshed out onto his fingers, but he didn't notice at all. He then continued munching on his cherry tomatoes.

Russell was situated to the rear of the hall and raised his small port glass the air at the Captains toast and then took a sip from it. He continued to sip from the glass as everyone started to relax and tuck into the food.

Grav had made it halfway to the seating area when he notice the Captain at one end of the food table. He changed direction and came to stand next to the larger reptilian officer. "Not a bad selection. If I was you I would skip everything and get some of the canine before it is gone." He said.

"I have been eying that particular item," Gar'rath admitted to the shorter man next to him, "I may very well wait until it has been picked over a bit more before claiming the rest for myself."

Senior Chief Petty Officer Tila smiled at the jovial discourse that was being carried out throughout the lounge. While this 'official' part of the celebration was being attended by the day watch during their off duty hours, she spotted a few of her own second shift crew sneaking in to grab offerings from the many food tables before scampering off back to duty. Had it been some lesser occasion, the Senior Chief might have made a fuss about it, but as far as she knew, not a single person serving on their side of the galaxy had ever been witness to a ship's centennial, at least not one still actively serving. So she let it slide as she approached the pristine cake.

"Permission to cut the cake, Captain?" Tila said, glancing back at the Gorn and his Tellarite company.

Gar'rath raised his clawed hand toward the woman, "By all means, Senior."

The Andorian nodded and took up the cake knife, carving out a section of the 'ship' before plopping it on a nearby plate. Once the piece was settled, she added a fork to the mix, and walked it over to the Captain. When Gar'rath got a good look at the piece, he found it to be the bridge, in its entirety.

"Figured it was a bit poetic for you to... 'have the bridge'," Tila said with a smirk.

The irony wasn't lost on the Gorn, as literal minded as his people tended to be. A smirk of his own appeared as he took the fork off the plate and deposited the entire confection directly into his maw. Tila couldn't contain her laughter as she watched the reptilian Captain demolish the sweet as if it were some bite sized offering.

"That's one way to do it..." the Quartermaster said through her laughter.

Gar'rath swallowed the mass of sugar before commenting, "Not bad for my first bridge."

Having finally made it to the seating area Grav found himself seated near Rey. "Well Mr. Rey I hope you are enjoying yourself." He said.

Rey was right in the middle of a huge bite of cake, a chuck right out of the main deflector dish and part of the Engineering section of the ship. "Mfumphump," he responded.

"Good to hear that." Grav said moving to the next table where he was able to find a empty seat.

"I didn't even know that Gorn liked sweets," Ensign Metrios piped up, also trying to hide her laughter. "You learn something new every day, I guess, especially when you work with a group like those here on the Repulse. I guess this post will be a learning experience all around."

Ensign Metrios then raised her beer stein in salute: "To Commander Gar'rath! Long may he command with wisdom and courage, and bring both honor and glory to the Repulse!"

The Gorn inclined his head toward the rambunctious counselor, not entirely sure if the toast was entirely sincere or a function of the high level of emotions that we common in such celebrations. Mammalian emotional ranges were something that Gar'rath might have been used to, but he didn't completely understand them.

"The toast was entirely sincere," Metrios continued, seeing the Gorn incline his head toward her and figuring out that he was unsure if she was being facetious. "You honor me by accepting me into your crew and I wish nothing but the best for all of us."

Rey spoke up for the whole room to hear, a characteristic that was as foreign to him as the Bolian meat he had eaten just a few minutes ago. He started loud. "I happen to..." he started, then looked around and noticed everyone, literally everyone, looking at him, and as such, got extremely self consious. ''....uh....ahem, agree.....with," he continued, his voice getting lower and lower until his voice faded into The Great Void between him and literally any other living being in this room.

Commander Gar'rath's maw turned upward in a kind smile at the young Ensign, "Speak louder next time, Mister Rey, I almost missed it. Gorn have trouble hearing, and I would hate to miss something you said."

The young Engineering Ensign blushed a deep maroon at the words from his skipper, and stuttered all over himself. He was so embarrassed and so flummoxed, he sat his drink down entirely too hard, the liquid within sploshing upwards and outwards all over the table, and running onto the carpeted deck. Making matters worse, he rushed downwards to try and fix the mistake, but his elbow caught the lip of the table, making all of the dishes on the table rattle. The whole room was looking his direction, the poor kid.

Chief Tila issued a smirk of her own, "The boy's just shy, Captain. Leave him be..."

"I know, but it does no harm to tease him, does it?" the Gorn said in a voice low enough that only the Andorian could catch it.

Jiri was astonished at the nonchalant way the ship was being carved up. Then the swallowing of it whole left her feeling a bit queasy. She looked down at her own plate of picked-through food offerings and pushed it away. Her appetite was gone. In fact, she wasn't feeling well at all. She looked around the room until she saw the tall Terran woman. She made her way through the throngs of people until she was shoulder to shoulder with her. "Pardon me, sir," she said timidly. "May I have a word with you?"

Caroline looked up to see a genuine Child of Tama standing next to her. "Temba, his arms wide. What can I do for you, Ms. Jiri? Something on your mind?"

"Darmok and Jalad on the ocean," Jiri managed with a smile before the queasiness hit again. "Um, not feeling well. Our medical officer is not here. Can you help? Zinda." She was pretty impressed this Ensign knew how to speak correctly in Tamarian.

"Sokath, his eyes uncovered. Let me grab my medkit and apply an anti-nausea medication. You should start feeling better shortly," Ensign Metrios said as the hypospray hissed. "Do you feel any better now, Ms. Jiri?"

"I do not," she answered with a frown. "It is..." she began, before running for the door. She made it to a trashcan, picked it up and headed out. Just after the doors closed, she emptied her belly into the can. She slid to the floor, hanging onto the can for dear life. She had no idea why she was so ill. The food was fine. No one else seemed sick. She was sweating profusely. Her hands were tingling and going numb. She hit her com badge and requested medical assistance before she passed out.

Caroline ran after Jiri, responding to her call for help. She hit her com badge. "MEDICAL EMERGENCY! MEDICAL TEAM TO DECK TEN!" Despite her status as ship's counselor, Caroline did not have the necessary skillset to be able to treat Jiri as she should have, and this was the direct result of it. "Caroline, you absolute fool," she said to herself, "why in the Hell did you do that? You -know- that you're supposed to get hold of the med team -before- you try to use any sort of medication with the crew!"

She arrived on scene to find Petty Officer Jiri in a heap on the floor. "Oh shit. What now...?"

Commander Gar'rath answered in an authoritative tone, "Wait for medical personnel to arrive, report to them all of the witnessed symptoms and any care you tried to give before she fell unconscious. You may need to go to sickbay with them, and render assistance further."

The Gorn looked down at the Counselor, "Keep me posted on her condition. If it appears we will not have the resources to attend to her properly, we may need to rush our meeting with the Stargazer."

Senior Chief Tila hurried out of the lounge to find the Tamarian collapsed on the ground, "Is she alright?"

"Ensign Metrios has already sent word to sickbay," Gar'rath told the Andorian, "Beyond that, her condition is unknown. Could you stay with them until assistance arrives? I will handle the crew in the lounge."

"On it, Captain," the Andorian nodded, kneeling down beside the fallen crewman while the Gorn turned about and walked back through the doors to explain the sudden turn of events. As with a great many things in life, no one could have seen this particular ending to festivities coming...

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