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Goodbyes aren’t forever

Posted on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 10:11pm by Lieutenant Russell Maitland

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Location: Lauderdale, Scotland, Earth
Timeline: Mission Day -2, 2030hrs

[Lauderdale, Scotland, Earth]

After his meeting at Starfleet Command Russell has made his way straight home and told his wife And father that he was being shipped out that day. The ensuing argument with Rose had been the worst they had ever had, Rose had taken the opportunity to throw almost everything not nailed down at him. Unsurprisingly neither of them had heard anything from his father since the first hints of Rose getting angry.

“How long will you be gone” Rose asked, she had started to calm down as the sun had started to set and she realised he would soon be gone.

“I don’t know” he cringed hoping that it wouldn’t set her off again “She is an old ship and it looks like she may be decommissioned after this assignment” he explained hopefully.

She sighed, sank down on the bed and placed the last of his uniforms into his hold-all. “Will you write to me” she turned to look him in the eyes.

He felt a lump in his through at the thought of being so far away from her. “Of course I will” he held her by the shoulders, it wasn’t possible for regular two way communication because of the distance and the letters would only come through periodically when the wormhole stabilised.

She stood up to her full height with her head slightly above his and kissed him on the lips. “I’m going to miss you” she pulled away.

“I’ll miss you too” He pulled her into a tight embrace. A moment later his combadge beeped and disturbed them.

“Revenant to Maitland, we are ready to beam you aboard” a disembodied voice addressed him. Tapping his badge Russell responded “Revenant give me a moment, I am almost ready”.

“I need to go now, I love you” he picked up his bags with all his personal effects he would bring with him.

“I love you too” she pulled him into an embrace, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed. They stood there for what felt like minutes but was probably only a few seconds before they stepped away from one another.

He tapped his badge and spoke without taking his eyes off of his beautiful wife “Maitland to Revenant, one to beam up”. A few moment later Russell and all of his bags where bathed in the blue light of a transporter beam.

As if by magic Russell reappeared on the transporter pad aboard the USS Revenant and knew that the ship would already be on its way to the Barzan Sector.

A mission post by:

Lt Russell Maitland


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