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Impromptu Impressions

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2020 @ 11:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Gar'rath & Lieutenant Russell Maitland

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Location: USS Revenant - USS Repulse
Timeline: Mission Day 6, 0700hrs (Concurrent to Through the Rabbit Hole)

[USS Revenant]
[MD 6, 0700hrs]

The Revenant had not made good time between Earth and the Barzan Sector, she had had a malfunction which had caused the ship to have to slow down while repairs where made. The result of the delays meant that there was a chance that Russell may miss getting aboard the Repulse before she entered the wormhole and was cut off until the wormhole reestablished itself. Russell did not like the idea of sitting and waiting with nothing to do at Guardian station until he could go through the wormhole.

The Revenant's Captain, Commander Sinclair, was now pushing her ship in an effort to get Russell and the various junior transfers to the Repulse and waiting Task Force before they entered the wormhole. “Lieutenant, you better get yourself to the transporter room as I think we will only have seconds to spare,” the Commander turned in her chair to address Russell who was stood at the back of the bridge.

“Thank you for the lift Captain,” he smiled before turning and making his way to transporter room. They intended on using almost every transport aboard the Revenant to get everyone over to their new ships all at once.

Entering Transport Room One, Russell walked directly to the transporter pad and took his place. He stood there for what felt like an eternity until he overhead the transporter technician speak, “Repulse, standby for transport,” and seconds later Russell disappeared and then reappeared a moment later, for a brief moment he was taken aback by how tired the transport room looked.

A slight vibration which he assumed was the ship entering the wormhole brought him back to the present. “Report to your various heads of Departments,” he instructed the others before stepping off the pad and starting his journey up to deck one where he expected to find the Captain. Making his way along the corridors, Russell couldn’t help but feel the ship was undermanned, a ship this size he would have expected more personnel to be out and about.

Russell stepped into a turbolift and instructed it to take him to the bridge and was pleased to hear it whoosh off efficiently to the bridge. Only a few seconds passed before the doors swished open revealing the bridge and a Gorn Commander looking directly at him. Russell felt himself jump a little in surprise.

'Typical...' the Gorn thought to himself as he observed the rather sudden and unmistakable twitch of fear that washed over the man who had just stepped onto his bridge. Knowing the newcomer would get used to it eventually provided little solace, as it was rather disquieting that each and every Human seemed to have the same reaction upon first seeing him. 'I wonder what they would do if I reacted in such a manner when seeing them...'

Despite his internal displeasure, the features of the Commander's face never moved, though the Gorn did swivel the chair he was sitting in to face the new arrival to his bridge. After a tense moment of merely staring at the man, Gar'rath's maw opened and he began the usual exchange.

"Welcome to the Repulse, Lieutenant," the Gorn said, the universal translator being kind enough to translate his Gorn utterances into something the man could understand., "Do you have transfer orders, or are you a representative of the crew awaiting transfer to another ship already in the Delta Quadrant?"

Russell composed himself and stepped forward onto the bridge, “Lieutenant Russell Maitland reporting for duty, Sir,” he handed his orders over to the Gorn Commander. “I beamed across from the Revenant just before the Repulse entered the wormhole.”

‘Great first impression I have set jumping out of my skin at the sight of my Captain,’ Russell thought to himself as he did his best to stand still and not give the Captain any other reason to take offense.

Gar'rath took the PaDD from the man, his maw turning slightly downward as he somewhat awkwardly handled the small device that seemed to almost vanish in his clawed hand. Looking it over for a little while, the Gorn finally returned his attention to the man.

"You are our new Security Chief," the Gorn declared after a long pause, alerting the people on the bridge as to the identity of their new guest, "And I see there is a request from Starfleet to have you act as our First Officer as a collateral duty. Given that you are the second senior most officer now aboard, I do not see an issue with this. Are you comfortable with your dual role, Lieutenant?"

“Perfectly comfortable sir,” Russell relaxed a little, “I had to double hat in my previous posting,” he explained. Russell looked around the bridge noting that the bridge crew was made up of some very junior officers and enlisted personnel. “Sir, during my journey from the transporter room, I couldn’t help but notice we don’t seem to have even close to a full compliment for a ship of this size. Are there plans for anymore crew transfers?”

"We may get more crew reporting aboard when we make our next rotation to the Alpha Quadrant, but for the moment, we will have to make do with the personnel we have. Thankfully, given what I know of our role in the Delta Quadrant, we shouldn't be so overtaxed that it will cause issues. I can only hope that once I speak with our Task Force Commanding Officer, our overall utilization will be made clear and we can contribute in more ways than simply as errand runners. Time will tell..." the Gorn said before returning the PaDD to the Lieutenant, "Have you any urgent questions for me, Lieutenant? Or are you eager to take stock of your department and get started?"

“None, thank you sir,” Russell felt his body relax as his impromptu meeting with the Captain had come to an end.

“Thank you, I’ll get to work and get myself settled in,” he turned on his heel and made his way from the bridge to his new home for the duration of the posting.

A backpost by

Lieutenant Commander Gar'rath
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Russell Maitland
Chief Security Officer/Executive Officer


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