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A Reason for Worry

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 10:48pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Tila & Ensign Caroline Metrios & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri & EMH

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Location: Sickbay, Deck 7
Timeline: MD 30, 1700 hours

[Sickbay, Deck 7]
[MD 30, 1700hrs.]

Caroline looked at the still-prone form of Petty Officer Jiri, wondering what absolute idiocy she had brought upon this young crewman. She knew better than to apply a broad-spectrum anti-nausea medication without running a medical scan... what had come over her? Was this the result of her hubris? A hundred different questions raced through her mind as she sat and kept watch on the young crewman who had so recently introduced herself to her. A genuine Child of Tama. So very rare in Starfleet, she was the first she had ever met. Growing up on a colony world populated by humans, it wasn't until she arrived at Starfleet Academy that she really got a taste of what the outside world was like. Sure, she'd had a Zaldan as a best friend in high school, but he seemed more human than most Zaldan did.

The medical crew arrived and initiated a transport sequence to take all of them directly to sickbay. Jiri was placed on a bio bed and the medical scanning function was activated. The readings were not good in the brain sector, but the vital signs were normal. Heart was beating fast and breathing was slow, but not enough to make her as sick as she seemed.

"Computer," Senior Chief Tila said, taking note that none of the physicians on the ship were currently in sickbay, "Activate the EMH."

Several warbles sounded before the holographic visage of the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram phased into the room, complete with the standard phrase of, "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

"Tamarian female, unconscious, nausea prior to collapse, other conditions unknown," Carrie told the EMH, hoping that she hadn't monumentally screwed up, "I had treated her nausea with an anti-nausea medication, but failed to run a medical scan before doing so."

"I see..." the hologram took the information in stride and picked up a nearby medical tricorder to scan the patient laying on the table. After a few moments, the hologram looked toward the Senior Chief, "Have the ship's medical personnel been notified of the patient?"

"Yes, but in the interests of rendering immediate care, we decided to activate you first," the Andorian explained the situation.

"I see..." the hologram replied curtly but offered no further commentary on the subject.

"She may have had an allergic reaction to the anti-nausea medication," Carrie said, wringing her hands in absolute panic. "I cannot be certain, however, as I lack training in medical knowledge. I'm the ship's counselor, not her Chief Medical Officer."

Something clicked in Carrie at this point. 'What am I doing, sitting around here wringing my hands? What did Commander Tor'ann tell you about situations like this, Caroline? "Shit happens, and when it does, you have to figure out some way to unfuck yourself before you make things any worse."' she thought to herself. "Computer, I need full medical history of Petty Officer Jiri. Authorization Metrios-Yankee-Four-Six-Niner," she spoke to the computer. Maybe if she could, with help from the EMH, figure out what had gone wrong, she could fix this mess.

It took some time to nail down what was wrong with the Tamarian, given the conflict between the readings and the speculations. It wasn't until the logs began to filter into the medical database that the EMH was tied to that things began to make sense.

"It would appear that the medication you administered had no impact on her system," the EMH remarked as he began pulling out medical implements to attach the the Tamarian, not the least important of which was a cortical stimulator, "It seems that there is a history of traumatic incidents with the Petty Officer, which explains the erratic nature of her brain scans. I should be able to stabilize her to a degree that will eliminate the threat to her life, however I am not equipped to handle a case like this. She will need advanced medical treatment to bring her out of this stupor she is in completely."

"The Stargazer should be more than capable of rendering the aid we need..." Senior Chief Tila said before slapping her commbadge, "Tila to Commander Gar'rath."

"Go ahead, Senior," the voice of the Gorn called out over the intercom.

"The EMH will be able to keep Ms. Jiri stable for now, but we need to get to the Stargazer quickly if we're going to see her fully recovered," the Andorian explained.

"How long can she hold out in her current condition?" the Commander asked.

Tila looked to the EMH who piped up, "I might be able to keep her condition from deteriorating for two... maybe three days at the most. Any more than that and we risk permanent brain injury, possibly death."

"Understood. We will make haste then..." the Gorn declared resolutely before the channel cut off.

"Is there anything I could possibly do to help until we rendezvous with the Stargazer?" Carrie asked the EMH. "I know that I don't have medical training for this kind of thing, but there must be -something- that I can do aside from standing around wondering if she's going to be okay."

"You can monitor her vital signs and reactivate my program if they change significantly," the EMH said, entirely expecting that once the Tamarian was stable that he would be deactivated.

"Sorry, Doctor, but you're the best thing we have, by way of experienced Tamarian caregiver... I think it would be better if we left you running until we meet with the Stargazer," Tila said, clapping the hologram on the shoulder.

"Ah..." the hologram responded, "Well then... in that case... You might be able to assist me while I tend to the patient, Ensign."

"Very well," she responded, and set about her work. During the time it would take for the Repulse to rendezvous with the Stargazer, Carrie vowed not to leave Sickbay, even to sleep, so that she could focus instead on caring for her friend and seeing to it that she could get the help she so desperately needed.

She was also grateful to learn that the entire incident was not her fault, and that she hadn't screwed up after all. Upon the rendezvous with the Stargazer, Carrie would compile all of the information gathered and walk it directly to her Chief Medical Officer, in hopes that Jiri would recover more quickly.

"I'll head back up to the bridge. Keep us posted if anything changes," the Senior Chief said before hurrying out of the compartment to see if she could help in her own way on the bridge.

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