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USS Repulse

Qui Tangit Frangitur - "Who touches me is broken" - Motto of the USS Repulse

Welcome to the USS Repulse. One of the oldest vessels still serving under Starfleet, the Repulse has had an extensive history of exploration and discovery. As time wore on, she found herself shifting away from exploration, focusing more and more on logistics and support. That is where we find her today, at the end of her long and venerable lifecycle, holding her own among the younger and more versatile ships that have come about since her launching.

As the USS Repulse begins one last journey through the stars, it is our earnest hope that she will still hold a place in the hearts of all those who pass through her hallowed corridors until that final day when she is finally decommissioned...

But today is not that day!

Given the nature and scope of her mission, the USS Repulse is manned by young officers who have had short careers and grand aspirations to gain experience in positions they would otherwise have to wait years to be given. The Repulse is also unique in that she is meant to have far more enlisted crewmen than officers, giving her a much more diverse array of experience levels in all the departments the ship supports.

Join us as we go boldly, even if it isn't where no one has gone before. Adventure still awaits you!

Latest Mission Posts

» The Path Before Us

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 9:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Gar'reth & Senior Chief Petty Officer Tila & Lieutenant JG Grav Solv & Lieutenant JG Nalith Zh'Zihl & Ensign Vaela & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

[Conference Room, Deck 2]
[MD 3 - 0800 hrs]

Lieutenant Commander Gar'rath sat at the head of the conference table that sat squarely in the center of the compartment. To his right rested a few windows that revealed the interior of Guardian Station, where the ship was currently docked. Directly…

» Time to Meet the Ship

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 10:32pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Tila & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

[Transporter Room 1, Deck 4]
[MD 1 - 0930]

Jiri waited for the transfer to be complete before she opened her eyes. The transporter made her a bit wary, but she knew how safe they were. She had her bag in hand, ready to start yet another new adventure. This…

» In the belly of the beast

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 5:56am by Lieutenant JG Grav Solv & Lieutenant Commander Gar'reth

[Main Engineering, Deck 19]
[MD 1 - 1545 hrs]

Having finally freed himself of the unannounced guest from the station, Gar'rath resumed his original schedule of touring the sections of the ship that were of critical importance to their upcoming mission. Like with the Yardarm, Main Engineering had undergone a…

» Off Duty Doctor - A Good Run

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 3:13pm by Lieutenant JG Nalith Zh'Zihl

Nali kept her knees loose as zhe straightened her body mid air. Her feet landed on the cement edge of a parking structure, and zhe let her momentum carry her forward into a front roll. Zhe automatically curled her antennae close to her head and tucked her chin in, hitting…

» Relic Squared

Mission: Mission 1: The Beginning of the End
Posted on Wed Jun 17th, 2020 @ 9:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Gar'reth

[Sickbay, Deck 7]
[MD 1 - 1400 hrs.]

Lieutenant Commander Gar’rath stepped through the doors that lead to the ship’s somewhat small sickbay. It was one of the many stops on his list of departments to visit, though he hadn’t expected there to be anyone occupying the space. At best,…

Latest Personal Logs

» Mirab

Posted on Sat Jun 13th, 2020 @ 6:59pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

Here we go again. Another new post. The past is the past, but will it repeat itself? I am not going to look back, unless I need to. I don't want to repeat mistakes, especially the one at SFM Revenant. It seems like just yesterday, but amazingly it wasn't! When…